What is WebP and What Are Its Benefits? How to Convert a WebP File to JPG Online?

How to convert a WEBP file to JPG


WebP is a new image format that delivers better quality than jpg and png. Webp uses progressive rendering. 

Progressive rendering means that the image is rendered as it is received, rather than waiting until all pixels have been processed. 

This makes Webp faster and more efficient than other image formats, such as jpeg, png, or gif.

WebP Image Benefits

Here are some of its benefits:

  • It can save up to 80% of the data compared to JPEG, and it has better compression than PNG
  • Webp images can be compressed more effectively, resulting in smaller file sizes.
  • Images with webp support can take advantage of hardware acceleration to achieve higher quality images.
  • Webp images can also have more detail and smooth edges than other image formats.

How to convert Webp to JPG?

When it comes to images, there are a variety of formats to choose from. JPEG is one such format, and WebP is another. If you have a WebP image and need to convert it to JPEG, there are a few ways you can do this.

If you have a Mac, PC, or Mobile, the easiest way to do this is by using the online tool that we provide WebP to JPG.

Here are a few easy steps to convert WebP to JPG

First, Go to WebP to JPG

Upload WebP Image file (Maximum upload file size: 5 MB)

Convert it

Done :)

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